A Plan Of Renewal

Our Founders came to this place 64 years ago and looking toward the future they embraced the challenges of their day to build this beautiful contemplative oasis in the midst of rural Georgia. Today our community also looks forward to embracing the new challenges of our day. Since those founding years, the landscape around us has changed through rapid development, bringing environmental issues and greenspace needs. As good 'Stewards of the Land' on which we live, we seek ways of revitalizing and sharing the natural resources with our neighbors. Our beautiful monastery building, nearly 50 years old, is being undermined by an ever-aging infrastructure that beckons restorative requirements.

Our demographics have changed since those vigorous Founders built these buildings - earlier generations move on to their eternal reward as the new arrive to be formed and carry on the monastic tradition. The industrial/agricultural economy has changed from the years when we subsisted on farming, cattle, hay, chickens, a bakery and the like. As the economy changes so also has commerce changed. Over the years we have been constantly challenged to build on our labors that are successful and get rid of what is not. Thus, we continually search for innovative and viable industries that will enable us to continue to be self-sufficient.

A Season of Renewal

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