The Monastery Season of Renewal Campaign

The Capital Campaign for Monastery of the Holy Spirit

The monastic community launched the Season of Renewal Capital Campaign to fund Phase I projects. Environmentally friendly planning and design practices are explored throughout implementation of the master plan.

Phase I includes:
- Priority One : Public Gathering Space & Site Work (The Monastic Heritage Center)
- Priority Two : Construction of a new Retreat House

Campaign components are prioritized based on their ability to restore financial self-sufficiency and preserve the monastery as a peaceful, spiritual haven.

The Monastic Heritage Center

The construction of the Monastic Heritage Center was completed and officially opened to the public on May 6th 2011. The center is built at the site of the monastery's old barn complex, which was used previously for industries and storage. The historic old barn is the original structure that the monks transformed into a makeshift monastery when they arrived in 1944. Renovations are built upon the pragmatic plainness of the farm structures, echoing the simplicity of the monastic design aesthetic. The Monastic Heritage Center is near the highway, with clear visibility from the Arabia Mountain pedestrian and bike trail.
The Monastic Heritage Center includes the following: See
* The Visitor Center
* The Museum of Monastic Life
* Abbey Store and Café
* Bonsai Garden
* Bonsai Retail Center
* the Memorial Plaza and Prayer Walk
Retreat House

The Retreat House planning will be processed after the Capital Campaign goals for the Public Gathering Space is achieved.

See the video for the Capital Campaign