Conservation Burial Ground

Natural Burial
The Monastery of the Holy Spirit (MOHS), has signed an agreement with Memorial Ecosystems (MEI) of Westminster, South Carolina, to create the Honey Creek Woodlands (HCW) -- Georgia's first "green", conservation cemetery. The initial phase of the all-faiths project is on 30 acres deep in the heart of MOHS's 2,000-acre forest. Almost half the monastery land is now permanently protected. The HCW abuts more than 500 acres of protected wetlands along Honey Creek, and is buffered by two smaller stream corridors that will be protected under an agreement with the Corps of Engineers. The project area is being ecologically restored, and will be permanently protected by easement to ensure that it remains wild forever. The finished natural burial grounds will look like beautiful woods with a few gentle paths going through it. Markers, if chosen, are made of flat native stone.

It offers the opportunity to purchase natural burial spaces at the monastery. The burial ground is nestled into more than 500 acres permanently protected wetlands and wooded streams. It is a quiet and beautiful resting place for people of all faiths, as well as those who have struggled to find faith.

For the monks at the monastery this concept is a perfect fit - natural burial together with ecological restoration with the burial grounds being protected by a conservation easement. Likewise, rather than returning these acres to a pine plantation, we will re-establish a native plant community. This will allow us to preserve in perpetuity yet another portion of our property while at the same time giving others the opportunity for a natural burial. Memorial Ecosystems, Inc., will manage the burial grounds and be responsible for the administration of the day-to-day operations. No monks will be directly involved in the burials but we will be committed to the protection of the land in a beautiful, natural setting. Burials will be open to all people. Natural or "Green" burial is a return to a simpler, and in many ways, a more traditional way of interment.

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When you visit us we request that you make an appointment in advance. The steward will meet you at the grounds, provide a tour of the land, provide detailed information, and answer any questions you may have. To schedule an appointment please call (770) 483-7535 or Email the Steward.

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