Developing a master plan to renew, revitalize and sustain this monastery.

Our community has been in process, reviewing the whole package of "the community and the place" - our Cistercian monastic lifestyle lived out in the today amidst the many challenges before us. We reaffirmed that although living the spiritual life, we are not withdrawn from the joys and sorrows of the world in which we live and which we attempt to serve with the light and strength of the Gospel. Nor are we removed from the numerous changes and accelerated transitions that today's world is going through. In the spiritual realm we have reviewed, and are recommitting ourselves to, the enduring monastic practices that deepen our communal life in Christ. On the physical realm we recognize, as our forefathers did over the centuries, the need to periodically reevaluate and adapt to the ever changing times with its new challenges. This section focuses on the physical challenges and renewal.

What should the Monastery of the Holy Spirit be like in the year 2020?
The Master Plan envisions a future with economic growth and development that contributes to a sustainable future of the community and the means to better minister to the growing number of visitors that come to our doors.

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