Lay Associates of Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Monastery are Catholics who are striving for personal sanctification by living in the world according to the ideals of the Cistercian charisms. We hold the Rule of St Benedict as our guide for living the Gospel in our daily lives. By the practice of stability, obedience and continual conversion in our particular state of life, we join many generations of people living outside of monasteries who have been affiliated with monks and nuns of the Benedictine and Cistercian traditions.

We understand stability in our lives as our commitment to our families, to our Lay Associate Community, and the Cistercian Abbey of Our Lady of the Holy Spirit. Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, our obedience is directed to our families, our work settings, our Lay Associate Community and our Spiritual Fathers. Our striving for continual conversion is our response to the constant need for personal renewal in our ongoing journey to God.

Profession Statement

We, the Lay Associates of Our Lady of the Holy Spirit, form a community of Catholics living in the world, striving for a conversion of life as our free response to the love of God. We are committed to live in a spirit of contemplative prayer and sacrifice in obedience to God's universal call to holiness. Guided by the Cistercian charism, we accept the Rule of St. Benedict as our guide for living the Gospel within our chosen vocations.