Monastic Guest Program

Your opportunity to live, work and pray with the Trappist Monks of the Monastery of Our Lady of the Holy Spirit.

The Monastery of the Holy Spirit offers a Monastic Guest program for men who are interested in a short-term experience of living as authentically monastic a life as possible, without pursuing the possibility of vocation to the monastic life. This program is open to men of all faiths, regardless of marital status. Men 18 years of age or older, in good physical health, are eligible to participate.
Monastic Guests participate in the complete monastic schedule, with only two exceptions: their sleeping quarters are in a special section of the guesthouse rather than in the monastery cloister, and they eat breakfast in the retreat house refectory. In all other ways, from observance of the daily office, to work requirements, to the midday and evening meals, the guest lives as a monk for the duration of his visit.

Please note that this program is not designed to lead to a monastic vocation, but is specifically for men who are not interested in monastic life as a lifelong vocation. This is not a retreat in the ordinary sense of the word, nor is it a vacation -- it is an immersion into the simple life of the monk.


Men who are interested in the Monastic Guest Program need to apply by contacting Brother Hugh Vanasse, OCSO. Applicants will be interviewed and need to provide three letters of recommendation from their pastor, spiritual director, or other persons in a position to comment on their readiness to enter into the monastic experience. A background check is conducted on all applicants. Once accepted, the monastic guest may schedule a visit for a minimum stay of one month, up to a maximum of six months. Guests who stay longer than one month will be subject to a monthly evaluation, to address any issues or concerns that may be related to the guest's presence in the community.
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If you wish to learn more about this program, please contact:
• Brother Hugh Vanasse, OCSO by email

Please note that space is limited for this special program, and scheduling a guest's residency will be subject to availability.