Mass & Prayer Requests

Prayer Request
Prayer Requests: Your prayer intentions are prayed for by the community. Submit your request online by using our Contact Us form.

Mass Requests
Send Mass offering(s) of $10.00 each, payable by check made out to "Monastery of the Holy Spirit." Indicate the Mass intention and the recipient including address to be notified. If you so choose we can send you the Mass card for you to mail to the recipient. Mail check to:
Mass Secretary
Monastery of the Holy Spirit
2625 Hwy 212 SW
Conyers, GA 30094-4044

Perpetual Spiritual Enrollments

These are available from our Abbey Store or online at Monastery Gifts

The names of any individuals, both living and deceased, who are enrolled in this Perpetual program, will share in the daily Conventual Mass, the Liturgy of the Hours and good works of the Cistercian Monks of Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Monastery. Your recipient will receive a beautiful 13" x 8.5" certificate with their name and yours.