Meet Some of the Brothers

Over the span of 67 years since its foundation in 1944, many men have lived within the walls of this monastery. Some have lived the life for a period of time, found direction and moved on to pursue their vocation in other walks of life - the temporary vocation. Many persevered to old age until their season to pass on to the prize of eternal life had arrived. Some 43 men are buried in our cemetery after having persevered to the end. These we call the triumphant. We are currently a community of 36 monks spanning several generations, who live, work and pray at the Abbey. Listed below are the monks.

Fr. Luke Kot (October 28, 1938)
Fr. Anthony Delisi (July 1, 1948)
Br. Alan Jurusik (July 21, 1948)
Fr. Methodius Telnack (August 15, 1949)
Fr. Jerome Hickey (August 19, 1950)
Br. Alphonse Insalaco (September 4, 1950)
Fr. Matt Torpey (September 6, 1950)
Fr. Tom Francis Smith (August 20, 1951)
Fr. Eduardo Rodriguez (September 14, 1962)
Br. Ken Sullivan (December 18, 1969)
Br. Mark Dohle (September 1, 1971)
Fr. John O'Brien (June 17, 1973)
Fr. Ed Morley (April 10, 1974)
Fr. Francis Michael Stiteler (July 1, 1974)
Br. Laurin Hartzog (July 14, 1977)
Fr. Gerard Gross (October 15, 1990)
Br. Basil Arsenio (April 15, 1991)
Br. Elias Marechal (December 29, 1993)

Br. Eutropius Bollinger (April 1, 1994)
Fr. James Behrens (July 2, 1994)
Br. Chaminade Crabtree (June 16, 1996)
Br. Michael Lautieri (November 30, 1996)
Br. Augustine Myslinski (December 8, 1999)
Br. Guerric Riopel (December 8, 2000)
Br. Callistus Crichlow
Br. Louis Paul Addario
Br. Gabriel Friend
Br. Cassian Russell
Br. Hugh Vanasse
Br. Peter Damian Spera
Br. Mario Joseph Schemel
Br. Guillaume-Isaac
Br M. Ignatius Vrooman
Br. James Troung
Br. Justin Ibe
Br. Martin Tran

Memoriam -- The Triumphants

Those who have gone before us.