Monastic Practices

Some observances of the Order of the Strict Observance
There are some living traditions that must be valued, loved, and passed on to others, like the Olympic torch that is passed from runner to runner until the torch reaches its destination.

The third part of the "Vision of the Order 2002" document states, "We, ourselves, must rediscover and embody the complementarity of observances, values and communion so that it can be communicated to new members."

These excerpts are taken from Father Anthony's talks on the Rule which were frequently based on his own experiences in monastic life. They provided the novices and newly professed monks a glimpse of the monastery's history and what some of the founders call the "good old days." The theme of these talks was based on the charisms of the Cistercian order, those special graces from the Holy Spirit that identify the Cistercian Order. They are the framework that structures and defines the daily life of a Cistercian.

"What Makes a Cistercian Monk" by Fr Anthony Delisi OCSO)

IEarly RisingXIEmbracing the Torch of Obedience
IIEncountering the Presence of GodXIIStability and Community
IIIThe Psalms as Song and PrayerXIIIThe Gift of Celibacy
IVLectio DivinaXIVCenobitic Life
VContemplative PrayerXVAmore Christi
VISilence in Cistercian LifeXVINewcomers in the Community
VIISolitudeXVIIThe Conversion of Manners
VIIITreasuring Cistercian SimplicityXVIIIHumility
IXLiving by the Work of Our HandsXIXPatience