Memorial Plaza and Prayer Walk

         - Memorial Plaza with special memorial dedications to loved ones.
         - Prayer Walk with memorial dedication bricks

The Memorial Plaza features a bronze statue of the Blessed Mother with the Child Jesus sitting on her lap, known as Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom. Friends and benefactors can sponsor a "Pilgrim Step" on our Prayer Walk. It is a quite area for rest, contemplation and prayer - and for remembering and celebrating special friends and loved ones, from their own life who will be remembered in the continual prayer of the monastic community. The Plaza marks the beginning point of the Prayer Walk that leads visitors on a prayerful path from the Monastic Heritage Center past the Monastic Enclosure and into the Gothic Abbey Church. Visitors are invited to spend some time at prayer and silent reflection. Visitors are also invited to join us during our scheduled times of community prayer.

Monastic Heritage Center

   Visitor Center.Abbey Store.Garden Center.Bonsai Nursery .Cloister & Courtyard.Memorial Plaza.

The Heritage Center is open to visitors Monday - Saturday 10:00AM to 5:00PM. Closed on Sundays.