Have you ever just wanted to "get away from it all"? ...Put the world behind you and just commune with God. If so, the Monastery of the Holy Spirit is the perfect haven where you can rest, study the word of God, pray, put your thoughts in a journal, and learn about the monastic life. We offer a Sacred Space for persons seeking to encounter God in solitude, in stillness, in the beauty of nature, in the healing rhythm of the contemplative lifestyle in the presence of a praying Community. Here you may Retreat, Rest, Reflect, and Renew.


Jesus frequently communed with the Father by going off to a lonely place, by rising early in the morning, and by spending entire nights in prayer. Jesus withdrew to a quiet place to nourish his spirit. A spiritual retreat is a withdrawal from ordinary activities for a period of time to commune with God in prayer and reflection.


“Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28
We come to God, and to this safe place, seeking rest and peace. The same Spirit who has called the monks of this community to a life of prayerful solitude also invites a constant flow of retreatants to come aside and rest awhile. Come and experience the leisure to slow down, relax, and dwell with God in love. Embrace the space to get to know yourself and God in deeper ways that empower you to put aside for a time your everyday demands to rest with God. Here you can find peace in the beauty and contemplative silence that surrounds us.


Come, pray. Jesus gives us many examples of prayer to show us that prayer is a vital force needed in our lives. We invite retreatants to participate fully in the monastic schedule of the Divine Office, praying the psalms. In the silence and solitude of a monastic retreat, one can rediscover lectio divina (praying the word of God), centering prayer (resting with God), and Eucharist (feeding on God). Our Preached Retreat program provides a rich variety of spiritual presentations designed around themes of Scripture, contemplative prayer, or some spiritual writing suited to the needs of individuals who come to God in search of understanding, hope, and clear purpose.


As contemplative monks confronting our own human frailty daily in prayer, we continually experience the healing hand of the Lord in our lives. We offer that healing light to others through our special scheduled retreats. The Monastery of the Holy Spirit invites you to come and experience a retreat for a day, or a few days, of restful recollection and spiritual renewal in a prayerful and peaceful environment. Your time spent in retreat will renew and refresh you. You will be re-energized, able to bring a new perspective and fresh vitality to your daily living, your relationships, your work, and your ministry.

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