Visitor Center & Renovated Historic Barn

- Exhibits / Galleries - A comprehensive history of Monastism
- Exhibits detailing the history of the local Monastery and commemorating the founders
- Meeting / Presentation Hall
- Theatre Room - Various videos about the life at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit
- Bonsai Garden - Display of the famous Monastery Bonsai collection

The historic exhibits area is the centerpiece of the Monastic Heritage Center. It is housed in the new Visitor Center (made possible by Mrs. Olga C. de Goizueta) and the Historic Barn. Visitors can see special exhibits on the history of monasticism in the Visitor Center. In the Historic Barn the visitor learns about the history of our own Monastery of the Holy Spirit. The Barn was the original home of the monks at Conyers, and has numerous exhibits about the land and the daily lives of the men who have lived here.

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The Monastery of the Holy Spirit is a place apart. While the natural beauty of its land and the inspiring artistry of its buildings appeal to the eye, there is something more that speaks to the soul. This something more springs from the monks' commitment to "community" and "stability": the men vow to spend their lives together in this particular place.
The exhibits are designed to prepare visitors to appreciate and understand monasticism and the life of a monk. As visitors enter the exhibit area, a welcome desk is immediately before them. Here, a monk or volunteer greets them and stands ready to answer questions. They are invited to see an orientation video about the history of monastism and of the particular monastery.
By living this monastic way of life, the monks have created a haven that benefits anyone who journeys here from the bustle of modern life. You are invited. You are welcomed. You are blessed.

Monastic Heritage Center

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The Heritage Center is open to visitors Monday - Saturday 10:00AM to 5:00PM. Closed on Sundays
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