Dear Friends:

Your support of the Monastery of the Holy Spirit is received gratefully. We take seriously your affirmation of our work here and


we strive to be good stewards of your investments. Because of friends like you, the Monastery of the Holy Spirit continues to be a vital, creative and useful place.

The Monastic Heritage Center, the new "front door" of the Monastery is a place of hospitality, where we will greet the tens of thousands of visitors who enjoy the Monastery annually. The Center is also designed to delineate the areas of the Monastery that will continue to be devoted to the silence and solitude that is the essence of our monastic life. It will assure the same sort of environment for our retreat participants -- a place for study, prayer and meditation.

Both communities -- those who come to enjoy the welcome center, as well as the monks and those who come for retreat -- will continue to enjoy a haven of natural beauty. Our 2,300-acre monastery property is a superlative corner of the Creator's handiwork. Our commitment to conservation is unfaltering. We are committed to preserving this magnificent place in perpetuity.

In an increasingly turbulent world, we offer a renewing place of peace and prayer. The brothers and I remember you in our prayers. Thank you for remembering us. Our prayer is that, as Luke said, your gift "will be returned in full measure, pressed down and running over!"

Rt. Rev. Francis Michael Stiteler, OCSO

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The Monastic Heritage Center